Friday, March 19, 2010

ASMP's Seminar on dpBestflow by Peter Krogh

Last night, I attended the ASMP seminar on dpBestflow given by Peter Krogh.

I had already read some of Peter's book, "The DAM Book", and I was not certain that I was going to learn much of anything new.

I was wrong.  I was impressed with his presentation.  The thing that stuck out to me the most was the aurgument on why to use Adobe's DNG® file over the camera's RAW.  I read it in his book, but when he explained it in person, the light bulb went on.  He said that when you are done making your adjustments in Lightroom® and then convert the files to DNG®, that the RAW settings get included without a XMP sidecar file.  Not only that but a preview of the adjusted file is also included.  Now this file can be portable and the settings go with the file and for example can be opened on another computer and the settings are there.

The reason that this is important to me, is if I wanted to transport the corrected RAW to the client or to another machine, or to the retoucher.  Another reason is for Archival and backup(This is really important).

I could seriously talk for hours about this.

-Joe Woolf

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mobile blogging

Here we are in my office blogging from my iPhone. Now if I can just learn how to type fast on this blasted thing, I might do alright. I think I will stick to the computer for now. My new website is coming out soon.

More to be revealed...

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