Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 5th, a trip to the floating market

Early am, just after coffee.  There are lots of stray dogs running around everywhere, except in the central downtown area.  Some may be pets that the owners let run wild.

There is occasionally a homeless or disabled person begging for money.

There are many street vendors selling all sorts of food and trinkets.

On the way out to the floating market

Here are some shots I took at the floating market.  There are people from all over visiting the market; Some tourists, but local Thais as well.  You can get all sorts of delicious foods, desserts, and fruit.  Of course there are lots of vendors selling t-shirts and souvenirs to the tourists.

This is a favorite dessert of mine.  It starts with a crepe like with creme filling and something I don't know and grilled till crispy and folded in half.


  1. I like the pictures of floating market i can't forget this trip

    Floating market 

  2. It is the second most well known floating business sector in Thailand after Damnoen Saduak. While you are here, don't miss the flame broiled squid and cooked shrimp. cai be floating market

  3. Thai floating market is nice, i love to see that , thanks for share